Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Clint Davis

Five 2013 TV cancellations that weren’t surprising

As summer kicks off, it’s time for the networks to give the boot to any of those underperforming shows.  Dreams of writers, actors, and producers of creating the next big hit are dashed–but in some cases, nobody can be surprised.  There are always new series that you just know won’t make it through the season from the first time you see a promo.  Half-assed ideas, weak casts, awful time slots, and even worse titles can doom a show before it even gets off the ground.

Sometimes networks cancel a critical darling or a fan favorite just because it isn’t getting big ratings, but most of the shows that get cancelled deserve it.  Here are five 2012-13 shows that won’t be coming back for another season, and we can’t say we’re shocked by the news.

Animal Practice (ABC) – Number of episodes aired: 6

animal practice

Remember when this show was being hyped by NBC during the 2012 Olympics like it was poised to be the next must-see comedy?  Executives at the network gave this show about a veterinary office all the help they could have possibly given…but it ultimately was put down (rimshot) after only six airings.  Anytime the driving force behind your series is a monkey in a doctor’s coat, you better start filling out applications.

Partners (CBS) – Number of episodes aired: 6


This CBS series from the creators of Will & Grace was about a bromance between a pair of friends–one gay, one straight.  The show was ripped early on for being eerily similar to a 1995 Fox series with the same title and basic premise of male friends being tested when one gets engaged.  It pretty much looked awful from the start…

Cult (CW) – Number of episodes aired: 7

The Prophecy of St. Clare

This hour-long psychological horror show about a show-within-a-show was in the same vein as Fringe.  However, this show aired on the CW…a network that’s made its money on sappy teen romantic soap operas like Gossip Girl and back in the day, Dawson’s Creek.  Cult was likely banking on a “cult following” to keep it afloat, but after only seven episodes, the network poisoned the Kool-Aid.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (ABC) – Number of episodes aired: 18


Kudos to this one for sticking around past its first season but ultimately, the brass at ABC evicted this show with one of the worst titles in recent memory…seriously, it shouldn’t take 35 seconds to say the name of your series.  Plus, if you’re going to include a curse in the title, either do it or don’t!  Also, James Van Der Beek played himself.  Yep.

The Mob Doctor (Fox) – Number of episodes aired: 13

mob doctor

Fox kept this crapper on-air through its first season, but I honestly remember laughing the first time I saw a promo for this show and heard the title.  It’s really hard to take a show seriously as a drama when its title sounds like something that would be parodied on Robot Chicken.  Bonus points for bringing Terry Kinney on as a recurring actor though!

Check out the full list of cancelled shows here.

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