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Published on April 12th, 2017 | by Clint Davis

Stream Police Podcast #42: Chuck Berry; Separating art from artists; Grimmest movies ever; TCM’s Robert Osborne

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The Stream Police Podcast is the official podcast of Overdue Review. It’s co-hosted by Movies & TV Editor Clint Davis and Music Editor Andy Sedlak.

Andy eulogizes his hero Chuck Berry with an audio documentary through his career. Clint ponders whether art can be separated from its artist, and wonders why he has a hard time watching Bill Cosby but not Roman Polanski.

Also – Movie reviews of “Life” with Jake Gyllenhaal and “Kong: Skull Island” with Brie Larson; Remembering TCM’s Robert Osborne and Chuck Barris; and Clint talks about the grimmest movies he’s ever seen.

This Week’s Rundown:

[00:00-03:00] Greetings — A sad statistic about the Emmys

[03:00-10:00] Greatest TV Show Theme Song: Sesame Street

[10:01-14:00] Trump’s attack on public broadcasting

[14:01-19:30] Listener emails about intimidation versus inspiration

[19:31-29:00] Can you separate art from the artist?

[29:01-47:40] Chuck Berry: Listening back through his legendary career

[47:41-51:10] 5 Chuck Berry songs to add to your playlist (click here to listen to Andy’s ongoing Stream Police playlist on Spotify)

[51:11-56:00] Chuck Barris, a true man of mystery

[56:01-1:00:00] Robert Osborne, a walking, talking movie encyclopedia

[1:00:01-1:02:05] Movie review: Kong: Skull Island

[1:02:06-01:02:58] Movie review: Life [2017]

[1:02:59-01:07:44] The grimmest movie Clint has ever seen

[01:07:45-01:11:35] Two dark movies now streaming on Netflix & Amazon

Listen below:

Stream Police Podcast Theme Music:Faster Does It” by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)

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