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Back pain, whether localized lumbar or cervical, is a common complaint among the population. Doctors are assaulted daily by patients who complain of back pain that no longer yields to painkillers and are sometimes so disabling that they can prevent them from doing their daily chores. The same goes for the NorskeAnmeldelser website, where people frequently complain about this problem.

Back pain is generally common among seniors, but lately, it has been observed that young people also complain of this pain, which is extremely worrying. In recent years, medicine is facing more and more conditions characteristic of the elderly, but which occur in young adults. One explanation may be that the 21st century has come with many inventions and technological developments, but also with changes in lifestyle in a negative way. The tips on Expain can be very helpful in situations like this.

More and more young people affected by back pain

The reason why many young people complain of back pain and reach increasingly sophisticated treatments is related to the less healthy habits that govern their daily lives. These include:

  1. Incorrect position, sitting in front of the computer, sleeping on a large pillow are common causes of back pain. In this sense, parents are obliged to educate their children on how to avoid vicious positions and the state for a long time in front of the computer. Exercising will help the little ones to develop harmoniously and to avoid the non-physiological curves of the spine that can lead to back pain.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity result in atrophy of the paravertebral muscles (muscles involved in supporting the spine). In this way, the pain will appear at the slightest request of the spine.
  3. Obesity and large variations in weight are increasingly serious problems that affect all age groups. Thus, the osteoarticular system will be required by the extra kilograms, which, in the long run, will attract both back pain and knee, hip, and shoulder pain. A balanced diet in nutritional principles, to which is added physical activity are the main enemies of extra pounds. In this way the pains are also alleviated, almost disappearing.

More and more young people go to the gym to do sports. Unfortunately, few start physical activity under the careful guidance of a coach or after proper warm-up. If you start with difficult exercises or lifting weights far beyond the individual possibility, then persistent back pain will not be delayed. Also, no training should be started without a 10–15-minute warm-up.

Back pain is not always caused by certain diseases, many healthy people suffering from this problem due to bad habits, such as wearing heavy and bulky bags, but also high-heeled shoes.

Habits you can adopt to relieve low back pain

For the back pain to be relieved, it is necessary to reduce the pressure on the spine, but it is also necessary to reduce the effort to which the muscles in the lumbar area are subjected, as well as to strengthen the muscles.

Don’t stay in one place for too long and make it a habit to walk whenever you have the opportunity. At work, if your phone rings, have a conversation as you walk around the office. Also, whenever the opportunity arises, get up from your chair and go to colleagues in other departments, to the toilet or outside, to get some air.

The state in one place exerts constant pressure on the spine, which you can reduce, but through such short breaks, in which you go and move all the body structures.

Work your lumbar muscles regularly because often low back pain occurs because the muscles in this area are overworked by complex movements or by lifting too many weights. Make it a habit to go to physical therapy, to the gym, or to do yoga or pilates even at home, to strengthen your back muscles. In this way, the pain in the lumbar area is reduced.